Monday, March 15, 2010

Caleb's Story

Age 4
Ebstein’s Anomaly, Heart Defect

Children’s Hospital Boston

During what should have been a typical ultrasound, Brian and Amanda were told that their unborn son Caleb was facing a rare and serious heart defect and would most likely die of congestive heart failure in the womb.

Despite the odds, Caleb was born and rushed to Children’s Hospital Boston. At just one week of age, Caleb underwent open-heart surgery. Caleb was never well enough to leave the hospital before needing a second open-heart surgery. More than three months passed before Caleb was able to go home.

“The nurses gave my boy exceptional care, but still remembered my daughter’s name and what was going on with her,” said Amanda. “It’s clear to us, if you have a critically ill child, you take him to Children’s Hospital Boston.”

If it weren’t for the scar down his chest, you would never know what 4-year-old Caleb has endured. His magnetic personality lights up any room and he loves to entertain.

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